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MG-WEB is a crafts services company opened in December 2019, owned by Miroslav Grgic from Kutjevo and operating at Ljudevita Gaja 3, Kutjevo. The main activity of the craft is computer programming of web sites (WEB DESIGN), and specialized design activities such as designing and designing - logos, brochures, catalogs, stickers, posters, posters and other promotional materials (GRAPHIC DESIGN).


Websites are created on the CMS web platforms Joomla and Wordpress, today certainly the most widely used content editing systems (CMS or Content Management System) in the world.

The service also includes placing the website on the MG-WEB server or at the request of the user, SEO for search engines (Google), creating reports on visits as needed by the user, editing and filling the content of the website, translating the page into a foreign language (English) or installation of finished translation of other languages.

Some of these websites are the websites of Kutjevo dd, Božjakovina d.d., County Roads Administration Požega, HPD Sokolovac from Pozega, Slavonian Mountaineers, OPG Livak, GSK Kutjevo, ŠRD Londža Zarilac, Toman d.o.o. Pozega, Mushroom Society of Pozega, Mosaic Psychology of Pozega.


Many years of experience gained through self-study and work in Kutjevo d.d. in the Marketing Department, and the Informatics Department was confirmed by the Certificate of Competence to perform the work of the Graphic Designer at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Osijek. Some of the realized projects are the Krauthaker educational track, the visual identities of the ŽUC Požega, OPG Livak, GSK Kutjevo, a brochure on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of HPD Sokolovac…


Although our specialization is web and graphic design, we also offer our current and future customers other services such as:

  • preparing for printing and publishing
  • installation and setup services for personal computers and mobile phones
  • software installation services on computers and cell phones - data recovery services after a computer and cell phone system crash
  • video and movie processing services
  • online retail (web store)
  • e-commerce - design and implementation of web stores

In this way, customers get a wide range of services in one place, which greatly simplifies their operations. The goal is to make all our customers our partners and, through joint appearances, achieve significant business success. I hope that you will recognize a stable and quality partner in MG-WEB, and join many satisfied customers.


  • MG-WEB, crafts for services
  • Owner: Miroslav Grgić
  • Ljudevita Gaja 3, 34340 Kutjevo, Croatia
  • VAT: 08876669906
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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